SPI Engineer

Date:  18 Nov 2023
Location:  Vadodara
Company:  LTTS

SPI Engineer
Experiene - 3-5 Years
Job location - Hyderabad & Baroda


  • Excellent Knowledge in Loop, Specification, Hookup, Instrument Index, Process Data Module Prepare As-Built Instrumentation Data i.e.
  • Specification sheets, Loop Drawings, Wiring Drawings, Hook-ups, Instrument index, IO List, Cable Schedules etc. 
  • Knowledge on Creation of Loops, Instruments, Panels and Cables.
  • Knowledge on Various Field Instruments and I/O allocation Knowledge on Fieldbus segment diagrams Work with Customer and understand their requirements.
  • Customization of the Specification templates, Symbol Customizations, Loop drawings templates and Hook-up Templates
  • Good Knowledge on Import data from excel & access into SPI