FW Engineer

Date:  12 Feb 2024
Location:  Vadodara
Company:  LTTS

1.    Experience of C/C++ development in bare-metal and RTOS environment over 8/16/32 bit micro-controllers
2.    Experience in interfacing Motion Control ICs, Memory Devices, Sensors with micro-controllers over I2C, SPI, UART etc. interfaces
3.    Experience in NuttX RTOS w.r.t. Configuration, Application Development and Driver Development 
4.    Experience in using measurement tools such as Multimeter, Oscilloscope, Function Generator and Logic Analyser.
5.    Knowledge of SECS, GEM and EtherCAT protocols
6.    Knowledge of Motors and Motion Control algorithms
7.    Knowledge of SEMI products
8.    Knowledge of application development/modification in C#
9.    Good debugging skills at application and driver level
10.    Good analytical and communication skills