Aveva Engineering Admin

Date:  18 Nov 2023
Location:  Hyderabad
Company:  LTTS

Aveva Engineering Admin
Exp - 4-7 Years
Job location - Baroda & Hyderabad


- System Configuration and Customization
- Configure AVEVA Engineering software according to project requirements
- Collaborate with project teams to define and implement project-specific configurations.
- Configure Intelligent lists and reports as per project requirements.
- Develop/maintain Data model with the required class, class association, attributes and decorations based on the project requirements.
- Configure Revision and Status Control and assign them as per project requirements.
- Assist/ Create AVEVA project with the needed databases, teams, users, dB sets, MDBs and ACRs
- Collaborate with engineering discipline teams to model and optimize workflows within the AVEVA Engineering platform.
- Provide technical support to users and troubleshoot issues related to software tools and workflows.
- Collaborate with other software systems (e.g., AVEVA E3D, AVEVA diagrams, AVEVA instrumentation...) to enable seamless data exchange and integration, while maintaining a single source of truth.