Auto Lighting DFMEA Moderator

Date:  20 Nov 2023
Location:  Southfield
State:  MI
Country:  US
Company:  LTTS

Job Description & Skill Requirement:


Co-ordinate between Marelli and LTTS

o  Should be experience as an FMEA moderator in the Auto Lighting system.
o Should be specialist in D-FMEA / P-FMEA IQRM FMEA Tool 
o Tracking FMEA timelines and updating FMEA together with the project CFT team.
o Documentation and archiving DFMEAs using IQ RM management tool.
o Ensuring consistency between D-FMEA and P-FMEAs.
o Assesses risks in project and triggers alert to the appropriate management level if necessary.
o preparation of DMEA & initial Design review based on DFMEA.
o Should be good communicator and talk to different project stakeholders in monitoring the DFMEA’s risks, actions, etc..
o Handle meetings in a weekly basis talking to different project leaders.
o Ability to convince, present and moderate items to closures.
o Most importantly, should keep all documents and discussions confidential and not discuss the failure modes and other information to outside of Marelli people.




  • Engineering