Senior Design Engineer

Date:  12 Sep 2023
Location:  Pune
Company:  LTTS
  • To carry out the CAD design as per requirement. 
  • Check adequacy of input data considering the constraints for project planning.
  • Create or modify 3D model considering the environment of design, guarantee rules of design / consultation / validation by partners.
  • Ensure robustness by taking of account constraints of architecture, process, as well as reference frames of partners.
  • Integrate 3D/2D data in the digital model with guaranty of positioning of the component and its fixings. Checking the presence of all the elements to ensure design approval, release, officialization.
  • Timely updating of work progress track sheet, Ensure On time delivery (OTD) & First Time Right (FTR)
  • To control and conceive of in-house or sub-contracted parts of the boundary defined by the project by respecting the objectives of planning, services, mass, cost and quality, while conceiving and by animating the team of designers, and by leading the actions necessary to convergence
  • New concept generation and evaluation on the basis of available inputs w.r.t vehicle architecture and other interfaces/boundaries
  • Prepare SOR (Statement of requirement) for bought out/supplier parts
  • To control and animate the convergence of delegated interfaces in the authorities envisaged such as the projects meetings and design pilot meetings with the responsibility to reporting on convergence progress and to alert on the hard points.
  • To carry out with the assistance of the design team under operational piloting technical constructions within project boundary and to converge them with peripheral systems.
  • To guaranty convergence produces/process of the internal parts in relation to profession engineer or project manager.
  • To carry out the synthesis robustness for the technical reviews while making sure of the taking into account of technical repositories of the profession and the check lists as of the numeric style definition and by carrying out analyses of proximities via DMU module on the whole of the faces.
  • Evolve, in pre-development to the hand over phase of components/systems for what concern technical solutions and corresponding performance, timing and cost targets (using the appropriate systems).
  • Exposure to Work from Styling phase until TKO phase
  • To ensure during all project development, the technical feasibility, the design robustness, the component manufacturability and the compliance of technical documentation, through the coordination of engineering (if necessary) and product suppliers. To point out the critical issues or any infringements of Design/Test Standards and identify the actions needed to respect the assigned targets.
  • To manage, together with Design team, the design/installation DFMEAs execution performing the risk assessment and to provide support during execution
  • To make available the documentation necessary to implement engineering changes (ECNs), to request their economical evaluations, to support the PR during the approval phase and to guarantee the associated drawings release. 
  • To ensure the tooling release process.
  • To carry out the diagnostic activities on the relevant systems/components.
  • To guaranty the quality of the transfer at the end of the project on the phase of development (after TKO) of the files controlled for sending to the pre-project service in industrial phase.