Display Development Engineer

Date:  23 May 2023
Location:  Peoria
State:  IL
Country:  US
Company:  LTTS

Must Have Experience
- Experience using C+*, JavaScript, Java, Swift, or C# programming languages
- Experience with Linux development
    - Complete understanding of multi-threading and multi-processing within a linux environment
    - Experience with Linux Inter-process communication
- Experience with Web Development (full stack)
    - Experience coding HIML5, C553, JavaScript and Web components
    - Experience with large-scale web frameworks like Angular or React
    - Chromium Embedded Framework experience
        - Complete understanding of the CF process model
        - Deep understanding of the V8 JavaScript engine and ways to utilize it within CEF
        - Deep understanding of the CEF Chromium Developer Tools
- Hands-on Experience implementing solutions for:
    - Hypervisor / Virtual Machines / Containers Technologies (Docker, Kubernetes) / RTO5 
    - Multi-display apps - HDMI, LVDS
    - HW / SW architectures on different platforms (CPU, GPU)
    - Functional safety standard
    - Integration of third-party graphics engines (Qt, Kanzi, etc.)
    - Using open-source software
- Experience in collaborating with cross-functional teams including architects, engineers and UlUX designers.
- Experience with developing Unit Tests and Test-Driven Development

Optional Experience
- Embedded software experience
- Experience with communication protocols
    - Web Sockets, FIP, UDP, HITIP / REST, ERRS
    - Ethernet / USB / IP protocols
    - Automotive protocols - CAN, CAN-FD, /1939, LIN, Modbus
- Knowledgeable on:
    - Wireless Technologies - Wift / Bluetooth / RFID 
    - Cybersecurity - Encryption, authentication
- Algorithms Experience with GiT configuration management tool
- Experience with Android application development and Android Automotive OS