Power Electronics HW engineer

Date:  13 May 2024
Location:  Peachtree
State:  GA
Country:  US
Company:  LTTS

Roles and Responsibilities
•    Design and develop motor control algorithm -Technologies ...PMSM, induction machine, BLDC ...
•    Conversant with different types of motors Technology like PMSM, Induction, Switch Reluctance & Synchronous Reluctance for EV & HEV applications
•    Designs develops embedded software and supports hardware design for real-time control and data acquisition in embedded product platforms with diverse scope and complexity
•    Designs, develops, and maintains products with embedded systems
•    Analyze, design, develop, support and troubleshoot control algorithms for servo systems, antiskid brakes, environmental control systems and power electronics for unmanned air vehicles and ground support equipment.
•    Will be responsible for analog, digital, S-domain and Z-domain controller design with appropriate analysis, modeling and simulation.
•    Responsibilities also include electrical, mechanical and software test and/or test support in the lab and in the field to verify system performance and troubleshoot problems. This includes test set-up and test data collection.
•    Multidisciplinary responsibilities include plant characterization of electronics, electromagnetic devices, servo mechanisms and aircraft structures.
•    Responsibilities also include requirements definition for individual servo components (electric motors - power, speed, torque; gear trains - reduction ratios, lash, friction characteristics; feedback devices - resolution, accuracy, noise, etc). This includes supporting in-house design or locating off-the-shelf vendor components and/or helping vendors develop components to meet requirements.
•    Responsible for all documentation necessary for s engineering development 

•    Bachelor’s / master's degree (5+ Yrs.) in Electrical Engineering or a related discipline
•    Sound knowledgeable in electric vehicle architecture and modelling process
•    Experience in the design and analysis of high torque & power density IPM/PM, switched reluctance motors and induction motors
•    Experience using MATLAB/Simulink for data Analysis/Modelling
•    Knowledge in power electronics hardware and motor control algorithms
•    Domain Knowledge of PMSM, BLDC, IM, SR, Sync Reluctance Motor/Generator design & development along with manufacturing Strong communication skills, written and oral.