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Java Developer - SelfServ (device wrapper)

Date:  29-Jul-2022
Location:  Oklahoma
State:  Tuls
Country:  US
Company:  LTTS

Java Developer – SelfServ (device wrapper)

Must be able to work in the Tulsa office. The developer must interact with physical HW. For one example, you would place a passport on the reader glass and track media events. We have passport readers, MSR readers, Smart Card Readers and other peripherals for printing baggage tags and boarding passes.

Candidate should be highly analytical and technology savvy with strong problem solving skills. They must be familiar with programming in Java using Eclipse as their main IDE.  Programming skills must include web based application development, multi-threaded environments and both client and server side programming paradigms is required.  Knowledge of SOAP and XML as they are used within SOA architectures is a must.  Practical experience utilizing JAX-WS, Apache Velocity, SQL Server, Hibernate and C# would be a plus.
6+ Years of Experience
A successful candidate should be able to convey a working knowledge of the following:
•             Multi-threading applications
•             Asynchronous processing of events
•             How a JAR file is built
•             How a WAR file is built
•             What part SOAP plays in a SOA architecture

The main programming language for this position is Java; however, skills in both Java and Microsoft C# would be looked on very favorably.