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Manufacturing/Industrial Engineer

Date:  19-Jul-2022
Location:  Minnesota
State:  Dodg
Country:  US
Company:  LTTS

Role : Industrial Engineer
•    Resource will be part of the Project Operations Engineering (OE) Team.
•    Resource will be responsible for all areas of process engineering work during the prototype, pilot, and production handoff phases of the project, the industrial engineering resources will develop and implement the needed processes, systems, and standards for the facility start-up. The resource will also be expected to support other operations-related activities for the product launch at the new facility. The work will be done in collaboration with the operations team.
•    The Project OE Team will be responsible for all areas of the operations engineering tasks through the product development cycle of prototype, pilot, and production handoff phases of the project. Activities will be directed by the MTM site leadership team in collaboration with various functional areas. Key tasks will be assigned and include, but not be limited to, the activities listed below

Services or Detailed Task/Work Requirements
•    Facility Start Up:  Assist in the stand-up of the new production operations, including troubleshooting product and process issues and working with the new team on continuous improvement and cost savings. This will include working closely with operations, materials, quality, and purchasing on the initial set-up of the future state processes from the building level to the workstation level. An expected outcome from the Project OE Team will be a detailed project plan that aligns with the master integrated project plan, satisfying all deliverables within the budget, specifications, and timeline defined.
•    Process Integrator Point of Contact (POC):  On behalf of MTM, the Project OE Team will serve as the primary POC, working directly with the process integrator to ensure the successful implementation of their turn-key solution, as agreed to in the FFP proposal. The Project OE Team will work with the extended project team to develop and manage the process integrator request for quote (RFQ) and firm fixed priced (FFP) proposal. Additionally, the Project OE Team will ensure the process integrator establishes a detailed project plan that meets all objectives, with the final implemented design achieving the identified expectations, operational standards, and key performance indicators (KPIs).  
•    Design for Manufacturability (DFM):  The Project OE Team will be a key partner with the operations and product development teams to identify opportunities for improving the overall product and process.  The Project OE Team will be expected to have prior experience in formal DFM techniques and methods. There will be opportunities for the Project OE Team to extend this work to other functional areas including testing, costing, and service and support as part of a design for excellence (DFX) development environment.
•    Process Development:  Lead the comprehensive future state process design and implementation, ensuring all KPIs are achieved. The Project OE Team will develop and validate digital standard work instructions and appropriate training aides. The Project OE Team will create an overall plant layout by phase of production in both 2D and 3D simulation using FlexSim™.  Additionally, the Project OE Team will develop and optimize needed workstations concepts and final designs; establish and validate the order of operations and develop the detailed precedence diagram; and establish and validate process cycle times. Other key tasks include:
o    Developing, validating, and maintaining the master value-stream map (VSM).
o    Defining utility requirements for the individual workstations.
o    Loading the operational sequence and item master workstation information to the JD Edwards™ (JDE) platform.
o    Loading workstation information, including the station bill of materials (BOM) and work factors, to the ProPlanner™ platform.
o    Developing master tooling and equipment lists (MTEL) by individual workstation.
o    Designing, procuring, and implementing workstation tooling boards.
o    Providing training to assembly technicians, paint technicians, and team leads on standard work instructions (SWIs), ProPlanner™ use, and correct tool and equipment use.
•    Continuous Improvement & Cost Savings: Identify and validate opportunities to improve the overall process and contribute to product cost reduction goals. Ongoing continuous improvement will also include developing and continuing to enhance the Process Failure Mode Effects Analysis (PFMEA) in partnership with operations, quality, and product design.
•    Additional Areas of Process Leadership: The Project OE Team members will be key, cross-functional partners that have diverse responsibilities outside of the traditional industrial engineering role. Other areas of process leadership will include: 
o    Working with product engineering to determine the process for authoring, releasing, and managing deviations.
o    Working with operations to develop a “SWARM” process for root-cause corrective action for factory-related issues.  The process will be developed for line leadership to use with their working teams for immediate, day-to-day issue resolution.