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Mfg. Mechanical Engineer

Date:  07-Aug-2022
Location:  Illinois
State:  Mort
Country:  US
Company:  LTTS

• Creating clear, concise, detailed, and accurate standard manufacturing processes in collaboration with the production management and users.
• Update and improve assembly processes as required collaborating with production using Engineering Change process to implement.
• Specifying, designing, documenting, building, and implementing assembly fixtures for the production floor.
• Researching, specifying, procuring, and implementing equipment and tools for the production floor.
• Provide daily technical support to attack and resolve problems with processes, equipment, or material in a timely manner
• Addressing, analyzing, and resolving any failures or problems encountered on the production floor.
• Implementation and maintenance of equipment calibration such as torque control drivers.
• Ensure product quality by proposing, driving, and implementing changes to documentation and design.
• Take ownership of quality issues that arise by collaborating with Purchasing, Planning, Inventory Control, R&D.
• Collaborate and communicate with suppliers when mechanical issues come up to contribute to successful relationship.
• Utilize Oracle ERP for Item Number, Bill of Material, and Labor time creation and changes, and engineering changes.
• Maintain accurate routing steps and labor hours in Oracle and make changes as required.
• Maintenance and updates of Oracle Product Configurator due to product updates and engineering changes.
• Contribute to new product design reviews with Design for Manufacturability input.
• Specify manufacturing equipment, tools, and fixtures required for new product.
• Conduct pre-pilot and pilot run activities, ensuring that everything works for production and results in quality product.
• Implementation of Continuous Improvement methods and tool as required on the production floor e.g. 5S, efficiency of motion, time study, etc.
• Identifying, implementing, and documenting Point Kaizens, Kaizen events and continuous improvements to be a significant contributor to cost/waste reduction efforts.
• Providing safe work environment for production by implementing safety solutions as required.