Test Engineer L1

Date:  15 Sep 2023
Location:  Dublin
State:  OH
Country:  US
Company:  LTTS

Job Description & Skill Requirement:


BS Degree in ME/EE. 6 years of related experience may be substituted for required degree.

Test Engineer with over 5 years of test engineering experience in required test and confirmation per area of specialty.

Applies engineering priciples, experiences and various analysis tools to develop test plans/procedures to test design parts/components in area of specialty to determine design feasibility and ensure parts/components meet design acceptance criteria, performance level targets and any applicable regulatory/internal standards.

Creates data settings, test specifications/standards and test schedule, prepares/setups test equipment, conducts moderately complex tests and documents/summarizes test results/conclusions, verifying testing accuracy/thoroughness and determining if additional testing is needed.

Analyzes/interprets test results, predicting performance/failure and providing required product/design data, identifying issues/developing countermeasures, communicating test results clearly in written reports/formal presentations and proposing design changes and recommending countermeasures based on analysis of testing results.

Working Experience in the below activites ( In vehicle Infotainment) Mandatory, Vehicle Driving License Mandatory
1.Test schedule management
2.Test vehicle management
3.Test resource management 
4.Test Execution  of test such as  smart entry performance (LF range), keyless entry performance (RF range), HMI checks, Diagnostic Trouble Code confirmation, and things of this nature as discussed as part of system verification.   It shall be understood that the candidate will be driving test vehicles (i.e. prototype) in a test environment.
5.Test Result Reporting 
6.Technical Evaluation Document Creation 
7.Test procedure documentation