FD3 -Catia V6 support

Date:  25 May 2023
Location:  Dublin
State:  OH
Country:  US
Company:  LTTS

 Job Description & Skill Requirement:



•    Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Mechanical or equivalent in related field
V6 Part/Assembly Set Up Support: 
•    Support will be offered both onsite and offsite (as required) for 3D Experience, AHEAD, DARWIN, Honda Tools, NEWS, V5, Navi, Department SharePoint and CATIA work area, Outlook
•    Set up dept DPM tree for department parts & assemblies
•    Set up V6 (K6) part structure for all FD3 parts and their variations including Bill of Materials (SSP/Flex Parts)
•    Create work sessions & link to DPM with assignment of weight and material when possible, set up annotation file, set-up preliminary DWG notes, images and title blocks
•    Ensure all carryover parts transferred correctly
•    Set up and create all Illustration, Torque and Fit & Finish drawing in V5/V6 applications.  This including bringing over data issued by Department Associates/Engineers and adding annotations, notes, and data set up and readiness for issue. (overall content to be check by department PIC/Chief/Project Leader/Technical Expert/Technical Leader
Other Department Support - 3D Data & Non 3D Support 
•    Prototype Fabrication Request Data Creation  
•    G-Form/DWG/ Data Creation, 
•    Setting up Specification Templates 
•    Support with Mass Production dwg update and issue
•    CRF (Change Request Forms) updates and completion
•    Support Knowledge Management tasks, including, but not limited to, document storage, document sharing, creating “Layout Check” files, updating file links, reorganizing files, etc.
•    Catia V5 to V6 data transfer requests as needed
•    Support Associates in new 3DExperience and in-house tool methodologies.
•    Support Associates with the new Honda Drawing and DPM Issue Process and how it relates to the previous V5 drawings and processes.
•    Report weekly task status updates, monthly outlook utilizing Task and Open items charts.  Also report department request and open issues with proposals to resolve the issues. 



  • Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering