Project Manager

Date:  23 May 2023
Location:  Chennai
Company:  LTTS

· Define and implement the development plan according to customer standard development processes and in line with the performance, quality, delivery and cost commitments defined by the program manager (scoping and delegation report)
· Manage and lead the project team. This involves circulating bottom-up and top-down information about the project and formally defining, in conjunction with project team members’ line managers, the availability of the requisite skills and resources
· Produce summaries of development quotes drawn up in conjunction with the relevant business lines and draft technical and financial proposals to be submitted for approval by the program manager (or to the relevant department in the case of an investment project)
· Define the project reference system (document reference system, approval records, configuration reports, etc.) in accordance with regulatory requirements
· Oversee application of the project schedule and updates of management indicators (KPIs)
· Oversee the rigorous implementation and application of all project management methods in accordance with regulations and standards: weekly management meetings, KPIs, dashboards, reports, etc
· As part of the development process, provide input for technical choices in conjunction with the system architect and relevant business lines
· Report to the program manager and his/her line managers,
· Provide support for the program manager when dealing with the customer and the authorities (certification/ flightworthiness)
· Oversee management of development risks and opportunities by integrating experience feedback
· If necessary, set up task forces to resolve development sticking points and/or contingencies
· Lead project development reviews (technical, production engineering, support) to prepare program milestone reviews
· Take part in program team meetings.


8+ years of experience

Work location: Chennai