Senior Product Designer

Date:  22 May 2023
Location:  Bothell
State:  WA
Country:  US
Company:  LTTS

 • Bachelor or Master Degree in product or product-interaction design
• 4+ years' relevant experience in one or more specific business domains and in one or more 
markets and cultures. You have worked in multidisciplinary teams and partnered with specialists 
in digital and communication design in order to develop fully integrated new propositions from 
start to end
• You are a “hardcore” Product Designer
• Technical experience from the realization phase of the product development process is required
• Experience with small electric or stand-alone electric devices
• Good analytical & conceptual skills in order to increase domain knowledge, to create relevant 
insights and to create meaningful and innovative solutions 
• Your design skills help you to create functional product concepts that appropriately address the 
user-context requirements. And you are able to create effective visual languages by 
understanding the meaning and effect of these on the brand, audience, market and culture
• Experience in the area of product and service combinations is welcome
• Ensure all deadlines are met on time, with impeccable deliverables
• Demonstrate a consistent link between daily work and company mission
• Builds awareness of current trends through fashion, art, design, and digital related products 
through market research
• Strong narrative ability in verbal and written communication
• Ability to create visual tools that will bring your product narrative to life
• Excellent design skills, including sketching and 3D Rhino
• Professional ambitious
• Strong, linear analytical skills
• Proven added value in design