Lab Technician

Date:  1 Apr 2024
Location:  Bothell
State:  WA
Country:  US
Company:  LTTS

Job Description & Skill Requirement:


 JD Details: The scope for this work is to complete lab experiment projects in support of larger innovation projects .The intent is for an independent lab technician to execute the experiment projects. 
The work includes:
    Work onsite in the OHC Bothell office and chemistry laboratory.
    Execute the projects independently, planning work and reporting on progress and results
    work in close collaboration with the chemistry development engineer to determine the experimental approach.
    Executes formulation recipes. 
    Perform chemical analysis on the experimental formulations. 
    Performs durability testing on the experimental formulations.
    Write reports on the experiment project results.
    Complete training and follow applicable OHC processes and procedures.
    Develop familiarity with the existing range of formulations.
    Note: no travel is anticipated for this project