Date:  5 Jul 2024
Location:  Bangalore
Company:  LTTS

•    Creates and modifies detailed drawings using Computer Aided Design (E3S CAD) hardware and software from sketches, layouts or notes provided by engineering in the investigation and solution of technical problems. 
•    Contributes design modifications to facilitate manufacturing operation or quality of product. 
•    Compare parts for old and new once and identify replacement OEM components with engineering spec validation ( OBS/Legacy parts), Identification of alternate solutions and confirmation of FFF compatibility of components.
•    Checks drawing plots versus the project input for correctness and conformance to standards. 
•    Works with engineers regarding model accuracy, design, drafting standards and Engineering Change Notification/Engineering Change Request (ECN/ECR) documentation. May work with system management including file maintenance, backup and storage.
•    Engage with cross-functional teams for LTB/bridge buys to intermittently prevent EOL risk parts from shutting down production.
•    Obsolescence forecasting & risk assessment for prompt risk mitigation strategy and implementation to ensure product manufacturability and sustenance.
•    Alternate solution identification & validation of FFF compatibility of electrical/Mechanical parts.
•    Solutions to supplier problems through SPS portal.
•    BOM obsolescence health check & solutions proposal to high-risk lead time & EOL parts.
•    Executed engineering change orders by ensuring compliance to standard procedures.