Developer (ACL)

Date:  2 Apr 2024
Location:  Bangalore
Company:  LTTS

• Problem solving across multiple software layers, (user space, kernel, applications, libraries) and hardware.  
• Optimization/development of the CPU performance stack (applications, libraries) for AMD server processors.
• Analyze and solve performance, scalability bottlenecks when code is running on multi-core, multi-node deployments.
• Innovate and publish papers, patents and participate in technical conferences to advance AMD technologies.
• Continuously learn and grow along with evolving X86 server CPU architecture and application landscape.
• Lead collaborative approaches with multiple teams. 
• Mentor others to achieve integrated projects
• Very strong data structure and algorithmic skills. 
• Experience in identifying performance bottlenecks, and designing/implementing optimizations to relieve analyzed bottlenecks.
• Experience in software development using C/C++ and debugging skills on multicore systems.
• Experience in performance analysis for data center, HPC (High Performance Computing), MPI (Message passing Interface) applications.
• Experience in x86 (or other architecture based) optimizations.
• Understanding of Cache sub-system, Instruction Set Architecture, pipeline (for any CPU).
• Bonus skills: Experience on Intel MKL libraries, Linear Algebra, FFT, x86 assembly programming.
• Knowledge of one or more CPU Profiling tools.