Compiler functional and perf validation Engineer with compiler development experience

Date:  2 Apr 2024
Location:  Bangalore
Company:  LTTS
  • Responsible for quality and timeliness of result for a portion of project 
  • Define, develop, execute functional/performance/balck box tests, and integrate them with automation infrastructure. 
  • Port existing applications on Linux and Windows to make it work with LLVM compiler.
  • Send daily reports perf and functional to the stakeholders.
  • Find regression introduced build and file defect tickets.
  • Should take ownership of daily functional and perf tests and their execution and bug reporting.
  • Should identify regression introduced build and file Jira defects and share daily functional validation reports and functional validation reports.
    • Should be able to enable code coverage for compiler and try to address the gaps by adding black box tests like applications or try to enhance already added tests cases or add new test cases. 
  • Develop and maintain compiler front end and backend tests for C,C++, Fortran 
  • Investigating and reporting compiler front end and compiler back-end defects
  • Define test plan and test new compiler front end and back-end features. 
  • Define test plan and test new language features in C,C++, Fortran, OpenMP 
  • Compiler development/bug fix experience is must.
  • Port existing application that are compiled or built using GCC with AOCC compiler and come up with patches and shell scripts to make the application work with AOCC compiler. 
  • Should be a good team player, quick thinker, pro-active, adaptable & outspoken/approachable. 
  • Must communicate well both written and orally. 
  • Must be well-organized and should be able to multitask well with due diligence on closing his/her tasks. 

Should be a technical evangelist