BIOS - UEFI and Coreboot

Date:  2 Apr 2024
Location:  Bangalore
Company:  LTTS

Mandatory Skills :
• 3-7 years of experience in the x86 BIOS/UEFI development
• Experience with x86 CPU/APU architectures and associated compilation tools
• Expert in C language
• Experience with platform bring-up.
• Familiar with at least one BIOS code base (AMI, Insyde, or Phoenix BIOS)
•     Experience of working with opensource coreboot project & mainboard related porting.
•     Experience of working with Intel FSP codebase and understanding of coreboot & FSP boot flow.
•     Understanding of coreboot & FSP build tools and build processes.
•     Experience of working with different coreboot payloads like edk2, SeaBios, Tianocore etc
•     Ability to read platform Hardware and Processor specifications to understand the coreboot mainboard porting required.
•     Good understanding of UEFI framework concepts to port UEFI code to FSP.
Additional Skillset :
•            Working knowledge of Git for code reviews, source code management, and BIOS releases to QA.
•            Ability to juggle tasks and respond to different teams for various requests for custom BIOS requirements. 
•            Good understanding of industry standard protocols like PCIe, SPI, eSPI etc.
•            Good understanding of specifications like ACPI, SMM.
•            Good understanding of x86-64 architecture from BIOS developer’s perspective.
•            Good understanding of UEFI BIOS Boot flow.
•            Basic understanding of Linux Kernel like software development concepts (Kconfig).

Academic credentials:
-          Bachelor’s degree in computer science engineering from reputed college
-          Master’s degree from reputed university is a big plus