Android BSP Development Engineer

Date:  2 Apr 2024
Location:  Bangalore
Company:  LTTS

1. Engineer with 8+ years of experience in embedded Linux/Linux application/driver/kernel development
2. Strong C/C++ development skills with a good understanding of object-oriented design
3. Good understanding of Android framework, overall Android Architecture.
4. Proficient in any one of Android HAL amongst Audio, Graphics, Camera, Power etc.
5. Experience with Multimedia frameworks such as Stagefright, Gstreamer, OpenMAX, Codec2.
6. Compliance to CTS/VTS and support in resolving defects
7. Strong background in embedded systems development
8. System knowledge, System Debugging

Good to have:
1. Experienced with Android Automotive platform is desired.
2. Experience on Android virtualization (virtio, trout) and hypervisor based OS.

Keywords: Embedded, Android, HAL, Audio, Video, Camera, Graphics, Framework, OpenMax, ALSA, CTS, I2S