Sr. Test Engineer

Date:  25 May 2023
Location:  Allen Park
State:  MI
Country:  US
Company:  LTTS
  • Design, build, validate, and document HIL I/O circuits and wiring harnesses to interface HIL simulator to electronic control units and subsystem sensors and actuators.
  • Understanding of Battery and Electric Vehicle operations along with knowledge of hybrid/electric vehicle configurations and controls
  • Understanding of operation and power electronic controls of (BMS) Battery Monitoring System, DCDC, Charger and Motor Inverter
  • Work with BMS Control/Software Engineers and Vehicle System Engineers in the development of the hardware requirements for BMS.
  • Experience in Li-Ion battery controls.
  • HV subsystem interaction, internal and external to HV battery to optimize system-level designs
  • Support and lead high voltage electrical system analysis, studies and projects including failure mode assessment
  • High voltage battery or equivalent EV powertrain integration / program experience
  • Operate high voltage (HV) test cells, battery simulators, 3phase loads, DUT coolant chillers, environmental thermal / thermal shock chambers, and data acquisition systems
  • Troubleshoot test setups and debug HV & LV power electronics circuitry (e.g. gate drive, power device, control boards)
  • Experience with HV power systems and power electronics components (e.g., HV power modules, power inductors, HV capacitors)
  • Lead the development of BMS hardware schematic and layout with a supplier.
  • Evaluate alternative isolation detection topologies, strategies, and processing.
  • Benchmark battery electronics at vehicle, systems, and components levels.
  • Optimize centralized and distributed battery control architectures.
  • Architect data sampling and filter approaches for battery pack quantities such as pack voltage and current.
  • Develop interface from hall effect and other sensors to control module.
  • IND123