Senior Electrical Engineer

Date:  15 Sep 2023
Location:  Redmond
State:  WA
Country:  US
Company:  LTTS

- Collaborate with cross-disciplinary teams including Electrical engineers, Mechanical engineers and Software developers to create products and systems while meeting project schedule milestones.
- Develop requirements and schematic and present them in design reviews; incorporate review feedback.
- Participate in other project design reviews and provide design feedback for team members.
- You will be responsible for bring up, failure analysis, and test of various PCB level mixed-signal systems. 
- Working off of high-level plans to perform testing of various boards.
- Writing and communicating detailed test results.
- 5+ years high proficiency level in ECAD tool (Altium) to design and fabricate rigid and flex PCBs for consumer wearables.
- Must have experience in sensors, optical systems, and/or medium-complexity embedded system integration and bring-up.
- This position will design schematics, specify constraints for PCB and Flex circuit layout, and work closely with PCB layout and mechanical engineers to complete board designs.
- Circuit bring-up and debugging with lab instrumentation:
o Minor rework of SMD components under microscope.
o I2C / SPI / EEPROM interfaces and programming script development and debug
- Good documentation skills: Block diagrams, test validation plans, test reports, manufacturing functional test plans, etc.
- Analog circuit design skills:
o Strong knowledge of operational amplifiers and other linear ICs.
o Low-power, low-noise and high dynamic range audio pre-amplifiers.
o Analog interface circuits for microphones, accelerometers, A/D and D/A converters, piezo sensors, EEG electrodes, etc.
o Noise mitigation techniques including grounding and shielding best practices for cabling and PCBs.
o Experience with SMPS and switching audio amps a plus.
o Simulation of circuits using LTSPICE, TINA, etc.
- Mixed Signal Design:
o PCB designs containing MCUs, USB-C, and other digital systems, power supplies, as well as audio codecs, microphones, speakers, etc. 
o Audio circuit design experience, Altium schematic design experience.


Nearest Major Market: Seattle
Nearest Secondary Market: Bellevue