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Senior Engineer

Date:  23-Nov-2022
Location:  Florida
State:  Miam
Country:  US
Company:  LTTS

•    Hardware electrical Engineer for sustaining projects.
•    Review the current specifications of the EOL/ supply chain issues part
•    Evaluation of system-level requirements if any to determine the impact
•    Identify alternate options matching the current specs
•    Select the best alternate part (shall be equivalent to or better than the current one)
•    Order samples for feasibility 
•    Feasibility check on the instrument and Present the change to TRB and review
•    For Drop-in replacement, feasibility and TRB can be skipped but rationale needs to be provided
•    Create PPR to update the AVL for the replacement part (for the standard component)
•    Follow the design change process (Minor, Moderate design change etc.,) (This will cover all the activities required to release the change)
•    Release the change for Implementation